Yoga On Retreat

Yoga retreats can be a really rewarding time for both absolute beginners and very experienced practitioners. Some retreat goers float in and out of their yoga holiday, arriving in a relaxed manner and leaving horizontal. Others, by booking a retreat, are firstly admitting to themselves that they need it and secondly, having it to look forward to, means that they deal with the stresses of everyday life more easily. In an ideal world they wouldn’t need a retreat and wouldn’t rely on that upcoming retreat crutch to get through the day, but unfortunately many retreat guests arrive exhausted and in need of rest and recuperation. Escaped Mums tend to have the biggest smiles on their faces from the moment they land.

Retreating from your everyday life gives you space to simply sleep, eat some delicious healthy food and practice yoga. Suprisingly this can sometimes be tough for those who find it hard to slow down, but with a sympathetic teacher coming gently to rest is a delicious experience. No matter what the style, the essence of yoga is there, running as a common thread from teacher to teacher. Lucky beginners get a firm foundation from which to build their practice. Those with the contemporary ill of asana addiction might arrive with a desperate need to get into this funky pose or leave with a six pack but under the right circumstances this will melt away leaving space and time to find more love for yourself and everyone else. What a great thing to take home with you.You may also return with the funky pose and the six pack but this will hopefully no longer be your priority.

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