Home Practice

Lots of you have been asking me about home practice. One good site is www.yogatv.nl. However it is quite bus so here are a few links direct to my favorites to save you some time. Most of these are in English or both English and Dutch.

Normally the most difficult thing about a yoga class is getting there – sometimes it is a mission trying to escape from your life for an hour or so. With a home practice the hardest part is beginning, especially at home with all the trappings of your life around you; but once you start you have done it even if you only practice for 10 minutes you will feel better. You will often find once you are involved you will do more than you thought because yoga feels good.

In the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (or click here for a serious Sutras website) he talks about losing ground in your practice as something that will happen (I-30). One minute you are flying along with a few classes a week and a bit at home and then suddenly you have not been near a mat for three weeks (months or years). This is such a hard point but just get back on the horse (can you do yoga on a horse?) and start again. This is a recognised and important part of the process.

47 mins of detox yoga from Corine
Wake up for 25 mins from David Lurey
20 mins of interesting variations on Sun Salutations with Twee Merrigan
Rusty in Vondelpark for 27 mins of gentle flow
Myrna for the morning (21 mins) and the evening (19 mins)

There are loads more to choose from on the website. Keep practising!

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