Back to Yoga Basics

  • Try to enjoy the class, sometimes yoga can be frustrating but the idea is that the poses(asanas) challenge your body as your mind tries to stay quiet. Equally if the class is very easy for you; concentrate on focus, alignment and breath. It should be fun. It is not a good idea to eat just before class – especially a big meal. Firstly you can squash your food during the practice which is uncomfortable and secondly immediately after eating your energy is used for digestion so you are a bit sluggish. I try and not eat for four hours before a class but try for two hours. If you have just eaten take it gently; especially with twists.
  • Please let the teacher know if you are pregnant or have any injuries/conditions they should know about (even if they don’t ask!) 
  •  Feel free to go to the toilet at any point in the class (not on your mat!) except during relaxation (savasana). Don’t by shy – needing a wee can spoil your concentration and enjoyment. Always go before class just in case. Only go to about 90% in a pose (asana) – save some for later. This will stop you straining and prevent injury.
  • It is ok to miss things out if you are tired or have any pain. Yoga shouldn’t hurt – a gentle stretch is ok. If you are taking a break keep your focus and act appropriately; wait in down dog, find child’s pose, lie down in savasana or just sit and breathe.
  • It is up to you whether you do inverted poses when you are on your period. In the first couple of days it can be a good idea to stay the right way up to aid the flow. Medically there is no reason to do this: traditionally they say don’t go upside down at this time.
  • Rehydrate with sips of water before and after class. Ideally do not drink during class as it is nice to keep the heat but take a sip if you need it to stay comfortable.
  •  Make sure you have enough clothes on; layers are good. Leg warmers are fashionable.
  • No socks (except in savasana); don’t be late or leave early; wear comfy clothes; enjoy.

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